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Take this frame with you to receive alerts for the symbol you are interested in. Just paste the html code below into a blog or web page.

$channelName - Twitter Sentiment

Search your twitter account and receive the sentiment for the topics you are interested in, automatically. Once you set up the search, you will receive results effortlessly day-in and day-out. You can always come back and refine, update or add more topics to te search. Search symbol(s) (i.e., search topics) and their associated keywords/phrases and Sentiment are mandatory entries in order to receive results.

  1. Click here to connect to your twitter account
  2. Enter the Search Symbol and Search Keywords *
  3. Enter filters
  4. Enter keywords and/or phrases to determine sentiment *
  5. Distribute your channel: Copy the code below into your website, blog, social network page or give it to your friends or others to increase the viewership of your channel:

    * These entries are mandatory in order to receive search results on the left side of this page.
    Thumb Up/Down search results may predict value changes for the search symbol selected.